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So…? Body Mist

A wide range of fresh and easy-to-use fragrances.
Each spray awakens your senses and immerses you in irresistible aromas.
Designed for ease of use, fragrance names and packaging are centered around a key note.
This makes it easier for the consumer to identify the characteristics of each fragrance.

So…? Escapes

Perfume inspired by the warmth of the sun,

the sensation of sand and the smell of the ocean.
So…? brings you summer! Anytime, anywhere!
The essential of beauty in summer.
So just spray the perfume and
imagine your own Escape.
Available in 200ml

So…? Unique

So…? Unique is an innovative range of body mist fragrances, developed for the trendy and modern consumer who is seeking customisation and personalisation.
Each fragrance in the range uses simplistic notes that can be worn on their own, or layered up to create a plethora of personal and unique fragrance blends.

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